What to do? Our project of “universal peace”

The lucid men and women of Europe must ask LENINE today what to do? Well, we must fight against the status quo, then take the perspective of HAUSHOFER. We must aim for the liberation of the “diagonal”, from Iceland to New Zealand. On this line, self-centered semi-autarkic zones, independent of Washington and Moscow, will be created with, in Africa: a Saharan confederation (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya), with, in Europe, nine confederations juxtaposed ( British Isles, Scandinavia, Mitteleuropa, France, Iberia, Italy, Switzerland, Balkans, USSR), with a Turkey liberated from its bloody dictatorship otanesque, a Middle East welded according to the Nasserian principles, a stabilized Iran in the “third way” that he chose himself by expelling his Bokassa from “Shah”, an Afghanistan free of all trusteeship (this is our main dispute with the USSR), a Pakistan free from American influence (which will be possible only if the Soviets evacuate Afghanistan), an Indian Federation endowed with its nuclear armament, its progressive self-contained arsenal and its beautifully disciplined army of more than one million soldiers, with a co-vented zone in the Indian Ocean (Seychelles, Maldives, Mauritius, Reunion, Madagascar, Somalia, Yemen), with, finally, a zone of Australian-New Zealand co-prosperity. The latter zone is an increasingly popular wish in Australia and New Zealand, where the population has no desire to trade the defunct British tutelage against a new American tutelage. This is the wish of David Lang, Prime Minister of New Zealand and the Australian neutralist left. The break-up of the ANZUS (a pact uniting Australia, New Zealand and the United States) is desirable in that it would allow semi-autarkic development of Pacific States and the creation of new trade flows, not directly determined by the USA. These flows of trade could possibly be carried out with a North Pacific dominated by Japan and thus partially detach the Empire from the Rising Sun of the economic system imposed on it by the United States, with the complicity of NAKASONE.

It is by the disengagement of the “diagonal” Iceland-New Zealand that the independence of Eurasia and Africa will be asserted, hope of HAUSHOFER, the only geopolitician who has, so far, thought the destiny of Europe with such bold foresight.

Certainly, the realization of such a program will require a long walk, a very long walk. But the future demands that we make every effort to achieve it. And if it is not the haushoferian clairvoyance that will dictate our action, it will be the cruel necessity born of the economic misery that we will inflict on this fierce economic war that the United States is delivering us, supported by their minions.

There are of course obstacles: the United States, the State of Israel which, instead of the dialogue with its Arab neighbors and with the Palestinians, has chosen to be a puppet in the hands of the Americans, the dictatorship of EVREN in Turkey (since then replaced by the “muscular democratization” of Turgut ?ZAL, politician super-obedient to the dictates of the IMF which, he, aims at breaking the Turkish autarky and to guide the economy of the country towards the export), the Indonesian lock, oblivious to SOEKARNO’s non-alignment.

The creation of a “jus publicum eurasium”, our universal peace project, will not eliminate local conflicts. We will not fall into the trap of pacifist messianisms. There will be no end to history, no reign of utopia. Local conflicts will remain, but less likely to degenerate into a universal conflagration. The new “REAGAN Doctrine”, which advocates support for people in revolt against the friends of the USSR (“Contras” in Nicaragua, Afghan rebels, Khmers hostile to North Vietnamese), is also based on the idea that an irenic world is a chimera. For Eurasia, a cardinal principle must manage the “jus publicum” that we are considering: the non-intervention of the USA. At the American “Doctrine de Monroe”, it is necessary to retort by a Eurasian and African “Monroe Doctrine”.