Problems of automatic drive garage doors

Along with breakdowns of the main elements of the garage door, the failure of the automatic mechanism of sectional gates is not uncommon. And if the minor malfunctions of the first can be repaired on their own, then the repair of the automatic drive is best to be trusted proven specialists.

Owners of automatic sectional doors often face such problems:

  • The gate mechanism works only on the opening. The reason for this may be a breakdown of photocells. As a rule, to fix the problem, replace the broken photocell.
  • ????Intermittent gate closure. This type of malfunction is associated with the failure or incorrect adjustment of the control unit.
  • ????Opening the gate does not work from the remote control. There can be many reasons for this: loss of communication between the receiver of the signal and the control panel, failure of the remote control, failure of the main and ceiling drives.
  • ????The gates do not reach their final positions. To fix this kind of damage, you can use the reprogramming of the end positions of the mechanism or replace the failed drives.

If you need to repair garage sectional doors, qualified specialists from offer several options for cooperation. We can repair the gate on request, arrange an urgent repair or use the service subscription and get instant help in troubleshooting the gate.