School tours are from 8:45am to 10am on the following days, except for the last date listed, which is at 10:45am to 12pm.

October, 14
October, 28
November, 8
November, 29
December, 8
December, 14
January, 7
January, 12

The Kindergarten Lottery is on January, 21 at 3pm.

Tours may be scheduled by contating the front office at 650-738-6650
For more information on the kindergarten lottery please visit the Pacifica School District website

How To Enroll

An application must be filled for each child seeking admission to the program and may not be completed by anyone other than the parent/legal guardian or his or her designee. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Tours are required prior to an applicant being placed on the wait list. To be offered a space or be placed on the wait list, applicant must tour the school and submit a completed application. Applications must be received within six months of taking the tour. The placement on the wait list will be determined by the date that the application is received or by the tour date, whichever is later. The order on the waitlist of applications received at the same time will be determined by the date the tour is scheduled. Waitlist policies will be kept in alignment with District Policies at all times.

If the family lives outside Pacifica, an application will be accepted after a tour has been taken and the student will be placed on the waiting list. Names will be placed on the wait list according to District policy. However, a space in the program will not be offered until the applicant has established residency or been approved by the district for inter-district transfer. If a student who has left the program wishes to re-enter, a new application must be submitted to the Prospective Parent Liaison. The child's name will be placed on the wait list in the order in which the application is received. Families who previously participated for a semester or more in the program will not be required to tour again.

Kindergarten Lottery

Siblings of currently enrolled Ocean Shore School students will be given first priority for kindergarten admission. In order to maintain their priority status, they must turn in all appropriate paperwork to the front office prior to the last day of school before Winter Recess. In order to compete in the District Lottery all families must complete a tour of the school and turn in the necessary paperwork to the District Office prior to the third Thursday in January. The District Lottery will determine placement into available kindergarten spots and/or a family position on the wait list.


Kindergarten applications may be accepted after the lottery and will be placed in the order that they are received at the bottom of the kindergarten wait list.