At Ocean Shore School, (formerly Laguna Salada Alternative School) teachers and parents form a working partnership to enrich the educational experience for our children. Because of time and energy contributed by parents, the program is able to provide small group instruction, frequent field trips, special projects, and hands-on learning. Cross-grade interaction is also a hallmark of this program.

Our school is kindergarten through eighth grade, often in mixed grade classes. Ocean Shore School faculty follows State and District curriculum frameworks. The Parent Teacher Organization's goal is to enhance the implementation of these guidelines with parental assistance.

Field Trips

Frequent field trips enrich the educational program. Most classes have at least one field trip a month. With parents serving as drivers and supervisors, children are exposed to the many wonderful resources in our area such as The Lawrence Hall of Science, Mission Dolores, and the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve. Older children can also enjoy overnight and extended field trips to locations such as Monterey, Sutter's Fort, and Yosemite.

Theme Days

A theme day is when all or nearly the day's entire curriculum in the classroom is devoted to a common theme. Students are divided into small groups, and then rotate through various activity centers, each of which is led by an adult. Occasionally, two or more teachers combine to do a joint theme day. Theme days may count toward the families' responsibility for providing one special project each year. The individual expertise and talents of the parents are most welcome.


Ocean Shore School participates in the Pacifica School District Music Program sponsored by the Rob Schneider Music Foundation. The District Music Program provides an opportunity for children to learn the skills necessary to play an instrument and appreciate music. At Ocean Shore, participation in the Beginning Band program is a part of the sixth grade curriculum. In seventh and eighth grade, participation in Advanced Band is optional.

Oceans Week

This Kent award-winning program has been a part of the Ocean Shore School curriculum since 1986. Each year a marine science topic is studied in depth by the entire school for at least a week.

Past topics include:

- The polar seas.
- The coral reefs.
- Marine mammals and the kelp forest.

A large variety of learning experiences are provided, such as learning centers at the beach or other appropriate location, cross-grade rotations through learning centers at school, individual theme days for each classroom, and school-wide assemblies. Seventh grade students develop organizational and leadership skills by leading learning centers.


Ocean Shore School maintains a computer lab as well as providing access to computers in the classrooms. In addition, our eighth grade classroom uses a Smart Board for algebra and other curricular applications.


The Ocean Shore Library is run by our Parent Volunteers. Our library boasts close to 8,500 volumes, averaging 22 books per student. Each classroom visits the library once a week for an hour. During this time we have read aloud time for the younger students, buddy reading between the lower and upper grades and time to check out books for the week. The library is also open for lunch period for board games and silent reading. We have two Scholastic Book Fairs over the school year as our main fundraiser. We do accept donations of current publications from our families in the program.