Peer Mediation

Our peer mediation program teaches students how to handle conflicts positively and peacefully. The program recognizes that conflict is a natural occurrence among people, and that there are healthy ways to solve problems. Although parents, teachers and administrative staff are trained to use conflict resolution strategies, the utilization of trained peer mediators enhances the likelihood that students will seek assistance and will want to learn and use these strategies. This program is currently coordinated by the school administrator.


Ocean Shore is proud to maintain a buddy program with our onsite County Class and Special Day Class. Children in Ocean Shore interact with the kids in the C.C. and S.D.C. daily through shared reading, singing and games and activites on the playground. Our 4/5 classes are trained to help with our wheelchair bound kids and have an opportunity to earn their "Wheelchair License". Through this partnership, all the children at Ocean Shore benefit from a shared respect for each other and compassion for individual needs.

Diversity Leadership Group

The Diversity Leadership Group (DLG) facilitates activities that build character and foster awareness and appreciation of diversity. Parents and staff work together through the Diversity Leadership Group to encourage and facilitate activities that promote Ocean Shore's mission and vision of creating an inclusive community. The Diversity Leadership Group provides opportunities for discussion, education, and celebration of diversity. We value a diverse spectrum including all races, languages, religions, socio-economic status, sexual orientations, gender identities, and family structures.

We meet on Thursdays, once a month in the OSS staff room. Meeting dates for the 2010-2011 school year are: October 7, November 4, December 2, January 6, February 10, March 10, April 7, May 12, and June 9. Everyone is welcome.

Environmental Action Team

EAT is the Environmental Action Team. Our mission is to support Ocean Shore School's environmental education and activities, ranging from recycling, composting, and air quality, to landscaping and the organic school garden. We support the school with monthly Planting, Pickup and Picnic days that maintain the outdoor landscaping and gardens, as well as Green School initiatives to promote alternative transportation and waste reduction.

Parent Education

Ocean Shore provides various means of parent training so that parents can be more comfortable and capable when working at school or working with their own children at home. Time spent at training sessions provided by Ocean Shore or preapproved outside agencies (such as literacy training provided by the Pacifica Volunteers) is encouraged and can be credited towards your hours commitment. From time to time, parents or teachers may conduct evening educational sessions at school. These may be one-time events or a series. Past topics have been conflict resolution, parenting teens, and using the internet.

General Meetings

There are three mandatory general meetings each year usually held in September, January and May. The superintendent, school board members, or other members of the community may attend to discuss important issues that impact Ocean Shore and/or the community. Often the Executive Board will present items to the general membership for discussion and then vote to change or adopt new policy. Status reports on various aspects of the school will also be presented. Even if you don't care to participate actively at the meeting, it is still essential that you attend so that you will be informed of the critical issues that are discussed, and you will understand the rationale for any actions that result.

After School Programs

Ocean Shore hosts after school classes throughout the year. Classes are diverse in content including, but not limited to, Yoga, Science, Art, Cooking and Belly Dancing. These classes are provided by parents, teachers and outside contractors for a fee. Sign ups are on a first come first served basis.